Tite Liner® HC System

United Pipeline System’s Tite Liner® HC is a high performance thermoplastic lining system designed for severe conditions present in oil & gas and industrial environments. The Tite Liner® HC system utilizes EVONIK’s VESTIMID® NRG Polyamide 12 resin that provides excellent protection in hydrocarbon service, elevated temperatures, as well as reducing permeation.

Tite Liner® HC is and excellent choice for the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industries due its outstanding corrosion protection, even in the harshest environments. Our custom lined pipe systems provide a complete corrosion resistant solution, significantly extending the operational life of your infrastructure.

Highlights of the Tite Liner® HC System

  • High temperature resistance – up to 210ºF (100ºC)
  • Compressed fit liner utilizing the Tite Liner® system
  • Excellent performance in hydrocarbon service
  • Enhanced resistance to collapse and buckling
  • Improved performance in high sour gas environments with ultra-low gas permeation
  • Extended service life resulting in lower cost of ownership versus alternatives such as CRA
  • Reliable and safe performance record

Performance Highlights

  • Extends the application range of Tite Liner® PE
    • Excellent mechanical strength in crude up to 100°C
    • Good chemical resistance under sour gas conditions
  • Improved reliability of Tite Liner® PE in hydrocarbon service
    • Higher tensile modulus
    • Lower swelling in oil
    • No loss of mechanical strength after saturation in oil
    • Improved abrasion resistance
    • Higher critical pressure
  • Reduces venting needs and improves environmental performance
    • Lower BTX permeation
    • Lower gas permeation 


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