Tite Liner® Flange Connection

Tite Liner® flange fittings have been used since 1985 to provide a tight seal and restrained joint in pressures up to and over 5,000 psi.  Each raised face steel flange is machined to match the inside diameter of the steel pipe and inspected to verify that the raised face dimension is correct.  A radius that matches the radius of the polyethylene flange-fittings is manufactured by United Pipeline Systems to exact dimensions to ensure superior performance of the completed flange connection.

Each polyethylene flange-fitting is butt-fused to the end of the liner section and allowed to retract to fit tightly against the raised face of the steel flange.  As two steel flanges are joined together, the polyethylene flange-fitting is compressed, creating a seal in the pipe system.  A spacer ring is placed between the steel flanges to provide the correct amount of compression of the liner flange.  This compression creates the seal and the spacer ring adds long-term stability to the connection.