slurry flange

Slurry Flange Connection

United has developed a patented, unique flange connection for use in slurry and non-slurry pipelines. Our steel flange and polyethylene flange-fittings are both machined with specially designed interlocking surfaces that provide uniform geometry across the joint. 

See the Tite Liner® flange page for more information on the flange specially designed for our polyethylene pipe lining system in non-slurry pipelines.

The Slurry Flange™ connection not only allows the use of the same sealing method proven with thousands of Tite Liner® flange connections, but also eliminates excessive wear of the polyethylene pipe lining due to particle turbulence and provides smooth flow across the pipe joint. An optional secondary seal using a gasket can be provided to further protect the polyethylene pipe lining.