municipal pipe lining equipment

Municipal High Density Polyethylene Pipe Lining

United has successfully employed the Tite Liner® process to rehabilitate pressure pipes in the municipal environment for over 20 years. Force mains and transmission lines are typically the ideal candidates for the high-density thermoplastic Tite Liner® system.

Typical municipal projects completed by United include steel or concrete force sewer mains and transmission lines. The pipeline materials used in United’s Tite Liner® system are certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 61. Contact United Pipeline for more information regarding the certification.

United's thermoplastic pipe lining system spans holes and gaps in the leaking host pipe, resulting in a continuous interactive lining system. The smooth inner surface coupled with the thin, close-fitting lining often results in increased flow capacity. In some cases, the pipe lining system can act as a fully structural solution where the host pipe is considered fully deteriorated. Contact United Pipeline Systems to determine which high-density polyethylene pipe lining solution is best for your municipal application.

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