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Oil & Gas Pipe Lining

Since its inception in 1985, United Pipeline Systems has been protecting pipelines for the oil and gas industry. The properties of the Tite Liner® system provide excellent chemical, corrosion and erosion resistance for numerous oil and gas pipeline applications. 

United has completed many successful pipeline installations in the oil and gas industry including the following:

  • Crude oil and oil emulsion
  • Multi-phase crude production/transit
  • Produced water
  • Water injection and disposal systems
  • CO2 production and injection
  • Natural gas
  • Sour and wet gas
  • Acid gas

In addition to the corrosion and erosion protection that the Tite Liner® system provides, the use of our lining system often eliminates the need for costly chemical injection of both corrosion inhibitors and drag reducers. The hydraulic properties of smooth thermoplastic pipe are much better than that of new and old steel pipe. Even with a slightly reduced internal diameter, this usually leads to lower operating and/or pumping costs or results in a lower pressure drop across a fixed distance of pipeline.

The Tite Liner® solution provides a corrosion barrier that often exceeds the design life of new pipelines. With the high value of produced oil and gas, it is critical that downtime is minimized. The Tite Liner® system can usually rehabilitate pipelines for a fraction of the cost and time associated with oil and gas pipeline replacement, and the bridging and hole-spanning properties of thermoplastic have enabled previous customers to return their aged pipelines to full operating pressure. 

Please review the following case study or contact us to learn more about how the Tite Liner® system can help your particular oil or gas pipeline application.

The Safetyliner™ system offers another solution for gas applications with a relatively small footprint compared to dig and replace. Visit our Safetyliner™ webpage to learn more.


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