HDPE liner

Tite Liner®

United Pipeline Systems developed the Tite Liner® system in 1985. Since then, over 80 million feet of pipelines have been lined on six continents have been protected with our internal pipe lining system.

The Tite Liner® system begins as a thermoplastic pipe liner that has a larger outside diameter than the inside diameter of the steel pipe it protects. In new construction, the steel pipeline is cut into sections that allow for the insertion of the pipe lining system. Depending on diameter, bends, terrain and condition of the steel, the maximum section length (pull length) can be up to one mile (1,600m).

A wire line cable is sent through a section of pipeline and is then attached to the liner pipe. The wire line pulls the internal pipe lining system through the roller reduction box which is positioned at the insertion end of the pipeline section. The liner pipe is compressed radially as it passes through the roller reduction box. This temporary reduction provides sufficient clearance between the steel pipe and the liner pipe to allow insertion.

Until the pulling is complete, the liner is under tension, causing it to remain at a reduced diameter. When the tension is released, the liner pipe expands and creates a tight fit against the internal wall of the steel pipe. Following relaxation of the inner pipe, the polyethylene flange-fittings are attached and the line is ready for bolt-up and testing.

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