Tite Liner® RT System

The Tite Liner® RT system is a raised temperature polyethylene material specifically designed for the sever conditions present in oil & gas and industrial environments. The system utilizes DOW's INTREPID™ 2499 NT resin, a bimodal high density polyethylene resin technology that enhances its high temperature performance. The Tite Liner® RT system offers a temperature rating of up to 82 degrees Celsius and a non-continuous use temperature upt to 95 degrees Celsius. These liners are intended for use in pipeline systems where extreme conditions exist.


Highlights of the RT system

  • High temperature resistance - up to 203 degrees F (95 degrees C)
  • Eliminates internal corrosion in sever applications
  • Chemically compatible in broad oil and gas applications
  • Withstands highly oxidative conditions
  • Superior notch and scratch resistance
  • Superior resistance to rapid crack propagation
  • Increased flow capacity with reduced friction loss
  • Extended service life resulting in lower cost of ownership
  • Reliable and safe performance record



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