United’s global projects are driven by a workforce of over 1,000 employees from our offices in Canada, the U.S., and Chile.

Our skilled team navigates complexities with precision, delivering optimal solutions every step of the way.

About Working At United

R&D For the future

Providing solutions is the foundation of United, and we are committed to providing innovations to address the unique needs of each project. Our in-house engineering, research and development is always ongoing. We are committed to the future and have the years of experience to get us there.

Valued Team

We believe in fostering an environment where each member is celebrated for their unique skills, perspectives, and contributions. We prioritize professional growth, collaboration, and respect, ensuring that every team member has the support and opportunities they need to innovate, problem-solve, and build a brighter future.


At United Pipeline Systems, we are committed to the safe and efficient operation of our production facilities and job sites. Our goal is to prevent all accidents, injuries and occupational illness and to protect the environment. Our HSE policy includes regular inspections, comprehensive safety training for all employees, strict adherence to safety protocols during construction operations and maintenance, and ongoing evaluations and improvement of our safety measures to ensure the well-being of our workers and the communities we serve.

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135 Turner Drive
Durango, CO 81303
Tel: 970.259.0354
Fax: 970.259.0356
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Santiago, Chile
Tel: +56 2 22074966
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Edmonton, Alberta
Tel: 780.440.1188
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