Quality Pipeline Services Assured

Quality & Safety

United Pipeline Systems is committed to maintaining a high level of quality in all of its operations, including delivering pipe lining products and services on time that meet or exceed customer expectations.

United Pipeline Systems demonstrates its commitment to quality through the use of: 

  • A custom Tite Liner® specification for the manufacture of all HDPE pipe lining
  • Detailed procedures for all operations
  • Field logbooks that record relevant conditions and results for all pipe lining operations
  • In-house training programs
  • Project Quality Plans
  • Manufacturing Quality Assurance Program for all Tite Liner® system products


While performing our specialized pipeline construction capabilities, United Pipeline Systems and its employees always put safety first. Our operations are managed to protect the health and safety of our employees as well as the communities and job sites where we do our work.


Through making safety a core value, we have created a working environment that reflects itself in world class safety performance for the benefit of our employees, customers and stakeholders.

Management Leadership and Commitment

At all levels of management and supervision, the message is always clear and consistent: our top priority is to create and maintain a safe working environment. Additionally, every employee takes responsibility for his or her own safety as well as assisting the individual working next to him or her to be safe.


Planning ahead is one of the most effective ways to incorporate safety into the pipeline construction work that we do. Safety is an integral part of the everyday planning that we do to safely and efficiently execute our pipe rehabilitation and protection projects.

Technical Support and Training

We provide appropriate training to all of our employees to ensure a safe working environment and we follow sound operating practices to continually foster a safe  environment. Our safety professionals provide the proper support through safety execution planning and through providing the various safety support elements that make up the technical basis for our safety program.