The perfect preventative solution for new projects, extensions, and tie-ins: our PreFIT Tite Liner® spool pipes are factory lined thermoplastic steel pipes, available in diameters from 2” to 52” and lengths of 20’ to 60’. Delivered to the project site, they are ready for immediate deployment or stockpiling as needed, with multiple connection options.

PreFIT™ Benefits

Widely Applicable

PreFIT is applicable for a wide range of service applications – oil & gas, mining, industrial and municipal. United provides design and engineering technical support for your project to find the right material for your job.

Easy To Install

Installations can be completed quickly and easily with your existing crew. No additional contractors or specialty skilled labor are required, and PreFIT’s reusable end connection options provide the ability to install and reinstall as needed.

Save time and money

PreFIT orders serve ever-changing and immediate demands, and offer accelerated shipping time. This brings you overall project cost savings through a stockable pipe solution that puts the control of the project schedule in your hands.

Flexible & Durable

PreFIT lined solutions for fittings, bends or custom shapes are available, and support up to 20” in diameter, high pressure ratings, and outstanding hydraulic properties.

Flanges & Connection Options

United Pipeline - Flange Diagram

Flanged Connector

This connection is widely used in the industry and is able to achieve up to the ANSI 2500# rating. The flanged connection creates a seal between the two adjacent thermoplastic stub ends. A steel spacer ring is utilized to ensure joint stability and proper compression.

PreFIT flanged spools are available in sizes from 3” to 20” and are most common steel wall thicknesses. A special Slurry Flange™ connection is available for abrasive applications.


Posi-Seal Flange Connection

United developed the Posi-Seal Connection for these more demanding applications:

  • High Pressure
  • High Temperature
  • Abrasive Flow Wear
  • Dual Containment Seal

Posi-Seal flange connections utilize multiple self-energized seals and are designed to ASME B16.5 up to Class 2500 rating. United can provide the Posi-Seal Connection components along with the Tite-Liner System.

United Pipeline - Pipe Flanges

Coupled Spool Connector

United Pipeline Systems offers two coupled spool connectors for the PreFIT Tite Liner system. These couplings are a quick and easy way to seal the system to the intended operating pressure of the line. The grooved coupler connects into grooves on the exterior of the pipe surface. Once bolted in place, the rubber gasket pushes against the pipe surface and seals the connection.

PreFIT Tite Liner coupled spools are available in sizes from 3” to 8” and in Sch40 and Sch80 wall thicknesses.