Underground Mine Selects United Pipeline Systems’ PreFit™ Solution for Production Line in Tunnel

Some pipeline applications require a small installation footprint. Instead of the typical field liner installation where a crew installs Tite Liner® on-site, PreFit™ pipe is lined offsite. The lined pipe is delivered by truck, ready for installation with client-specified end connections.

United Pipeline Systems provided the PreFit™ system for a mine in Montana, where the lined pipe had to be transported underground by rail and then installed along a tunnel. The client selected United’s Posi-Seal™ flange connection for slurry production service. The PreFit™ system was installed in 2020, adding to the 80,000 feet of Tite Liner® that has been in operation since 2000.

In addition to meeting the physical space constraints, the PreFit™ system allowed the client to install the liner on their own schedule using their own staff. Projects with space limitations or short runs that may not be suited for a full mobilization are ideal candidates for the PreFit™ system.