Liner Materials

United’s Tite Liner® pipe is manufactured according to our strict specifications and qualified procedures. Our requirements often exceed internationally recognized standards, and can meet project-specific requirements to safely transport a wide variety of temperatures, pressure ratings, and fluids.

Tite Liner® Varieties & Options

Tite Liner® HDPE

Tite Liner High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) proves optimal for a diverse array of fluids and chemicals, encompassing even sour gas CO2. It is our most widely used and longest lasting material, boasting resilience to moderate temperatures, catering to pipelines conveying both oil and water.

Tite Liner® RT

The Tite Liner RT system utilizes a customized HDPE material crafted to ensure prolonged durability in high-temperature environments, and ensures an extended service life even in the severe conditions present in oil & gas and industrial infrastructure.

Harsh Conditions HC

The Tite Liner HC employs an optimized material for harsh service conditions, surpassing the limitations of conventional HDPE materials.