Magnetite Iron Ore Mine Chooses the Tite Liner® System to Protect 270km Concentrate and Raw Water Pipelines in Western Australia

In 2022-2023, United Pipeline Systems installed the Tite Liner System in two 26” x 135 km pipelines for a client in Western Australia. One pipeline transports magnetite ore concentrate from the mine to the coast, while the other returns recycled water from the coast to the mine. The Tite Liner system is commonly used for pipeline protection in abrasive slurry and corrosive water services, utilizing our reliable Posi-Seal flange connection.

United Pipeline Systems’ crews collaborated closely with the steel pipeline contractor to safely adhere to the mine’s schedule for the first ore delivery to the port. Working on these long-distance, large-diameter pipelines posed logistical and resource challenges, exacerbated by harsh weather conditions such as desert heat, brush fires, and monsoonal storms. United’s experienced crews, accustomed to handling mining projects globally, successfully navigated these difficulties.