Tite Liner®

Tite Liner is a thermoplastic compression fit liner that can be installed in new or existing infrastructure, safeguarding pipelines for decades to come. Protecting infrastructure with Tite Liner can rehabilitate your pipelines for less than half of the cost and time of dig-and-replace solutions.

Product Highlights

Built To Last

Tite Liner is designed to withstand high temperatures, abrasive chemicals, and can be installed through field bends, providing long-lasting and reliable protection for pipeline infrastructure.

Leak-Free Connections

Tite Liner has been successfully utilized in projects with pressures up to 340 bar (5,000 psi), and has been tested and independently verified to operate with pressures up to 500 bar (7,500 psi).

Long pull lengths

Pull lengths of 2.5 km (8,000 feet) have been achieved, with an average pull length in Tite Liner projects of approximately 600 meters to 800 meters (1,900 feet to 2,600 feet).

Increased Efficiency

Tite Liner’s smooth thermoplastic liner enhances hydraulic performance, compensating for the minor reduction in the pipe’s internal diameter after lining.

Installation Process

United Pipeline - United Technician

1: Access

First, a new or existing host pipeline is sectioned to allow for the insertion of Tite Liner. Individual thermoplastic pipe lengths are joined together by thermal fusion to form long, continuous lengths of liner pipe. A blow-down pig and sizing plate are then attached to a steel cable and sent through a section of the host pipeline.

United Pipeline - Metal Pipe Lining

2: Install

A wireline unit pulls the liner pipe through United’s exclusive powered roller reduction box positioned at the insertion end of the host pipe. The liner pipe is compressed radially as it passes through the roller reduction box. This temporary reduction in diameter provides sufficient clearance between the liner pipe and the host pipe to allow for a controlled insertion.

United Pipeline - United Pipeline

3: Protect

When the tension is released, the liner pipe expands, creating a tight fit against the inner wall of the steel pipe. Following relaxation of the liner pipe, custom fittings are attached at each end of the lined section. The line is then tested and bolted-up before placing in service.

Tite Liner® Overview Video

Common Applications


• Tailings
• Concentrate
• Acid lines
• Water lines


• Chemical slurries
• Sodium carbonate
• Corrosive effluents
• Caustics
• Brine

Oil & Gas

• Crude oil and oil emulsion
• Sour and wet gas
• Water injection and disposal systems
• Offshore
• CO2 production and injection


• Force sewer mains
• Water transmission lines

Tite Liner® can be tailored to fit the specific requirements of any project.

Custom components to safeguard against a wide variety of conditions and corrosive materials.

Our PreFIT™ system provides pre-lined pipes, designed to provide protection from day 1.

A variety of solutions for joining pipelines within your infrastructure’s network.

Bind a uniform, seamless layer of Tite Liner to the interior of mechanical or pre-welded systems.